Group PariBioTop, was founded in 2004, by a particularly experimented interdisciplinary team which included professionals sharing the same ethical, philosophic and technical beliefs regarding the Sustainable development and the High Architectural and environmental Quality. They participated in town and country projects, planning, town planning, landscape, public places and architecture with a transverse and systematic approach. At the same time, those professionals developed numerous researches, publications and partnerships with several industrialists.

Motivated, committed and experienced, we intervene in the domains of the Architecture of the Landscapes, Buildings and Territories with a single and common objective, which is the respect for the circles, the quality of the places of life, the osmosis between Nature - Culture and Architecture, the conservation and the diversity of the usage, the landscapes and the biodiversity. At the same time, we are joining the concept of global cost into each of our projects. Our projects are based on a systematic, holistic and transverse approach.